Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Celebrations!

It was the kids first soccer game this Saturday. We played at 9:30am, and at almost 100 degrees out, we were dying! The kids did really well! Kenna scored a goal, and was more than pleased with herself. Brooks spent a little time in goal, and he stopped 2 goals, and he was also very happy. Randomly, the rest of the day, Kenna would say "I'm just so glad I got a goal, aren't you?". She suggested we celebrate with ice cream at home:-) I'm glad they are loving it (so far!) this season. A year has made all the difference with Brooks, no crying or meltdowns over his lack of 'getting chances'. Next year we'll be a REAL soccer family, with 2 kids on 2 different teams...we luck out now, but next year we'll be spending much more time at the soccer fields on Saturdays!

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