Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Days!

Our schedule is really settling in nicely, with Jack and Sonny here everyday. There are random crazy moments when both babies start fussing at the same time, but generally they are both happy...and it will get better too, as they age (Sonny is 8 months, Grey is 6 months today!). Sonny can crawl and pull up...Grey can sit and roll over. They are both learning to hold their own bottles now...So as they reach new milestones, my job will get easier and easier:-) We have figured out school around naptimes. Kenna does more school and gets more attention there than Brooks and Jack. She is just *that much* more ready. She can read her at words, an words, and is starting ap words next (tomorrow). The boys are still on at words, Brooks is almost ready to progress on to an words. Jack is still working on how blending works, but he's getting it! He definitely knows all the letters and their sounds, so its just that next step. They are only 3, they have no pressure at all! Kenna can write her own name "Kenna Bolger", by herself, and is quite crafty and artsy. She loves to draw and create. The boys love to run and play!! I'm really happy with how daily life is coming together so nicely. We have fun everyday, and they don't drive me nuts. Mission accomplished!

Two boys, playing! And stationary at the moment, so I don't have to worry about them during lunch.
Playing Playmobil. Kenna loves to make setups and has the boys play along too.
What happens when you're all jumped out. Cute little Sonny!

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