Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silent E is an Injure - Video

Kenna and Brooks can read their first word, at. And working on blending it with s, m, h, etc. They say "huh huh-at" Ok, so what is the word? "huh-at" Say it quicker "huh-at" hhhhhhat "oh! hat!" Yes....now this one "muh-at, muh-at" Ok, so blend it together "muh-muh-at" mmmmmmat "oh mat!" Oh brother. For some reason they know all the sounds of the letters, but when actually putting them together, they are a little lost. It'll come. They are in love with all the PBS tv shows that are reading related. Like Between the Lions, Reading Rainbow and the Electric Company. Thanks to these shows (teaching more advanced reading and grammar rules), they have all kinds of random knowledge they don't need yet. BUT, they have it memorized (because it's in song or poem form). Even when they don't know what they are talking about.

Like they sing "Silent E is an Injure" - it's supposed to be Silent E is a Ninja (turning plan into plane, etc). I tried to explain what a Ninja is, and why that makes more sense, but alas, Silent E is an Injure at our house.

And then there's Bossy Letter R - she changes sounds of vowels (fat to far, hen to her etc). They don't know specifically about vowels yet, but they recite the entire Bossy Letter R speech.

And Kenna informs me that if a hard G is followed by an e, i, y it makes the juh, juh sound. I actually don't know if I ever knew that rule before...(yes, yes, I KNOW that, but I guess I haven't thought about what makes a hard or soft sound in AGES). So we are all learning around here:-)

Silent E is a Ninja...or Injure, just depending on who you are:-)

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