Saturday, June 26, 2010


Another cake experiment...and it all started like this. Brian's family came into town this past week, and Meghan's birthday is on Monday. I asked her what she was doing?...Lauren is going to have some people over...Are you going to have a cake? Because I make way better cakes than Lauren! :-) She laughed at me said, "well, actually, I was going to ask you to make me a watermelon cake!". Immediately my little brain was spinning and full of watermelon-y ideas. Her initial request was for a chocolate cake.

But then I had a moment of brilliance. What if the inside of the cake was a watermelon too?! I purchased a cake pan set from Linens N Things years ago when I worked there. It's made for making Baked Alaska's, and lo-and-behold...I've not yet made a Baked Alaska. I will now though! Cake pans are super easy to use. Anyway, I took a white cake mix and tinted it green, for the outer shell. And then the center is a pink (strawberry) cake mix with chocolate chips added for the seed effect. Here it is all baked up! I still had to take a knife and cut off some the ridges/bumps from cooking to make it all even.
Trying to dye my fondant to look like a real watermelon skin
Fairly realistic, I think.

Adding some detail...a ladybug!
A few more ladybugs, and a slice of watermelon made from the left over fondant. Placed in an effort to hide the blobs of fondant that are holding the cake on that angle. I also made a bunch of cupcakes with the leftover batter which will surround the cake when we actually have the party.

This cake could easily be made in a Baked Alaskan style, with strawberry ice cream and chocolate chips in the center, but alas, neither Lauren or I had enough freezer space to store it. Anyway, it looks really cute. I'm happy with it! Happy 15th Megs!

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  1. So terribly cute! Such talent. My cakes always turn out looking awful! (Btw--I'm Debra Eby's sister. She kept telling me how cute your kids are so I had to check out your blog!)