Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Inspired By...

Names! Any who know me well know this about me. Recently, when cleaning out my purse, I found a paper that I had written on before Grey was born. I wrote it during church one Sunday (don't do as I do:-), so Brian and I could talk about the options. And so I could write them out and see everything. It just makes me happy. I should start a names blog. I really should. :-)

I should mention, the girls name was settled: Shaughnessy Alea (Shaunie), so there are no girls names listed, as we were only trying to nail down the boys name. Let me tell you, after reading this, you might consider it a miracle we nailed Grey's name down by the time of his birth! This was written about a month before he was born:

Breckin Greyson David - Breck
Greyson Breckin David - Grey
Lleyton Gregory David - Grey
Judson - Jud, Jude
Breckin - Breck
Greyson Callum David - Grey
Callum Greyson David - Grey
Lleyton Greyson David - Grey
Lleyton Judson David - Jude

I definitely love boys names with a 'cowboy' feel to them (like Brooks, for example:-). So the thee main contenders this time were Grey, Jude, and Breck. (I also love Cash, but that didn't make the final cut from Brian:-)

Initially, Lleyton Greyson David was our choice. Until we wrote it out. Lleyton and Greyson have a lot of the same letters, and we didn't like Layton, or Grayson to try and change it up. We loved the sound, but not the look. So then we started playing around with it.

Breck was eliminated last minute because of Brian, Brooks, and just might have been too much of the "Bruh" sound for one little family.

Callum was eliminated by me...Brian likes the nickname Cal, and I am not a fan. I didn't want to risk it:-)

Judson is still a fave. Chances are if we ever had another boy, his name will be Judson/Jude. We just decided we collectively liked Grey better than Jude, right now.

Grey as a nickname for Gregory came to me while watching House. The main characters name is Gregory House. His name is written on his clear glass door. In one episode he was standing in front of the door, and his head was blocking the middle letters. All you could see was Grey. Problem solved! I knew Brian would go for it too, since he likes more traditional names, generally. He does surprise on occasion though.

So there it goes! Lleyton was my first choice for Brooks' name. Lleyton Carson James...Brian won that one with Brooklyn. So I got to use it the next time around, and change it up a little! So with 3 kids, and 8 names used...I only have about a hundred more names to go before I've used up all my faves. Haha. And Brian dies of a heart attack as he reads this!! :-)


  1. I still have some lists of names! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it! And Dad WOULD die of a heart attack! Actually so would I! LOL

  2. I have an idea! why don't we do a blog "what not to name your children in our humble opinion"! LOL

  3. I was thinking about that...a DON'T list for names sorta...but then...I don't want to be offensive. Someone might actually like the name Thor. You how do you do a best of or worst of, without making "Wilma" feel bad?

  4. I know I laughed about that as I typed the suggestion. Maybe I could say something on how not to name your kid Darla ;)