Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Time absolutely flies by. Brian and I are both in disbelief at how 7 years has come and gone. SEVEN YEARS! That makes me sound old. I remember when seven years was half of my life...and that feels like only yesterday. So wow! I thought I would share some never before seen pics. They've never been shared before because they are not digital, thus requiring scanning, and I rarely get around to 'time consuming' endeavors. Reminiscing is fun to do. Enjoy!

Coming up the aisle with my Dad. My 24 roses represented my age.
Saying our vows. My pastor, Doug Sargeant was officiating.

One of my faves

Cutting the cake!

Lehman and Maryn, my brother and sister, on a "test run" a few days before. Maryn was only 3 years old at the time! Our ringbearer pillow was actually a little teddy bear pillow with the rings tied on his heart.

A candid shot of only a small part of the wedding party!

My friend, Audra, my sister-in-law, Liana (at the time she was just my friend!), my childhood friend, Elizabeth, and two of my sisters, Lauryn and Maryn

Our "going away outfits" were hockey jersey, in our fave teams. We had BOLGER put on the backs, as well as 6 and 14 (the date). I think Brian is #6 and I am #14. It was fun! This is us leaving the church and spotting the 'mess' they made of my car!!

We honeymooned in Minden, Ontario. Because of immigration visa issues, I was not allowed to leave the country, so we had a semi-local honeymoon, and it was awesome. We ate practically every meal out on the dock.

The awesome cottage where we stayed (owned and loaned to us by my former employer and friend, Joey Kovac). I think it's bigger (and better) than my current home! We loved it! The screened in porch across the whole front of it was essential for a mosquito free evening.

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