Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting Game

Our baby 'Shauna-seed' is due on March 23rd...exactly 4 weeks (28 days) from today. In many ways that seems like an eternity, and in other ways, it feels like tomorrow! We are mostly ready...still no hospital bag packed or anything like that, I'll have to get to that in the next few weeks!! Baby's bassinet and the newborn clothes are ready. And we have size N diapers...so small!! And what else do babies really need? Not much! I feel pretty much good to go, now we just have to wait on the little ones timing, which is hopefully a few days early:-)

I've got the word from the hospital that the H1N1 visitation rules will not be over until sometime in April, so we are making plans for childcare etc while I am in the hospital. This is a huge disappointment to me!! However I am glad to know it ahead of time so I can prepare myself and not be upset when the time comes. My next appt will reveal my Group B strep status, and if positive, we'll try VERY hard to be at the hospital long enough for the medication so we don't have to stay for 2 days afterwards. I was positive with both other babies, and despite our best intentions of being there long enough (4 hrs) for a dose of the IV meds, we never met that "goal" either time. I hate staying in hospitals when I am not sick and there is nothing wrong with me, I just feel like a caged animal. And it's so boring! I would much rather be able to leave right away, and this time it would be even better since the kids would not be allowed to see me or the baby... so we'll see how that works out. We can't wait to announce the news!!

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