Friday, October 2, 2009

Toffee Crunch

Sounds like a recipe, doesn't it? Or a yummy topping for a frappucino:-) It's the new paint colour selected for the kitchen and hallway. I finished the kitchen awhile back, but yesterday I finished the hallway. As a got painting I wondered if I ever had taken a picture of the hallway before. It's such a little tiny area, but here's the last of it before it gets all covered up.

Finished! Here's the wall seen from the livingroom, with our little Linus and Lucy hanging up. The Linus & Lucy song was the recessional at our wedding, and Brian's sister Ann had these drawn for us. We love them.

The cool "picture frame" my mom gave me (a Creative Memories product), it's on the wall when you come out of the bathroom, and that's the only wall space there is! I painted it all by hand, no roller:-)

Here's the look on the more blue.

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