Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Aquarium

Our friend came over on the weekend, and checked her facebook. She showed the kids her facebook app, Happy Aquarium. They loved it! They watched the fake fish swim for 10 minutes until I made them stop! So now Mommy has obliged them by getting her very own happy aquarium. They are in love!

Brooks, watching the fish swim around. It is really not that interesting, but they love it:-) I have no idea what was with the tongue.

And here is our aquarium, so far. It's only been two days, so we have to wait for more coins in our treasure chest so we can buy more fish. Introducing the newest members of our fishy family, Nemo, Chibbols, Otto, Bubbles, Radatad (hiding), and Smiley. What have I gotten us into? :-)

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