Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Game

Last Saturday was our Penguins first game! They are just hilarious to watch. Kenna got a chance to kick the ball a few times, when it randomly or accidentally landed right in front of her foot. She actually kicked it forward about 20 feet and scored too! Very exciting.

Brooks on the other hand had a bit of an attitude problem. It seems in his little mind, soccer involves him, having his own ball, and kicking it as he pleases with no competition. Just like at home or in practice. He got a rude awakening when he realized he wasn't "getting a chance" with the hoardes of other kids after the ball. He threw a small fit at one point after "missing his chance", and sat on the sidelines pretty much the rest of the game, complaining about his lack of chances. He was less than thrilled when sister scored and he didn't get to. Brian and I both explained that you don't have any chances when you don't try, you have to get out there, chase the ball, and try. He's quite young (short) compared to other kids, as it's the 3 & 4 year old age group, so some of these kids are four and a half, and much bigger than he is. I told him to just get in with the kids, and push through to the ball. Poor choice of Mommy words, as he tells us later, "I will just PUSH the kids!" Hopefully next week goes better with him at least trying to get in the mix and get the ball once or twice.

As fast as it looks like she's running, is as fast as she was actually running...s-l-o-w:-) It was a SUPER hot day, and dressed in all black didn't help. We got Frosty's from Wendy's to celebrate our first goal afterwards!

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