Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo Day

We are the proud owners of a family zoo pass. Yay! We're excited to be able to go lots and lots, the zoo is only about 3 miles from our house, so it can be a quick morning trip, or an all day affair, whatever we're in the mood for. The first day we chose to go, it was 100 degrees outside! It made for a very tiring day, I think we spent 2.5 hrs walking around and looking at the animals.

This one was so close to us (at the "moat"), drinking, splashing, and blowing water out of it's trunk. We watched him for a long time.

It was too hot for the lions, they're sleeping in their cave. That was sad, we wanted to see them.

The girls thought this fox was so cute.

This monitor dragon scared Brooks. His display cage was low, on kid eye level, so they could walk right up to him. Brooks didn't think that was the best idea.

Throwing mud on himself to keep cool

Lots of giraffes eating trees

Kenna loved the love-birds

The other animals at the zoo!

And, the batteries died on the camera, so we missed some great pictures of the kids playing in the water park, chasing a peacock, petting goats, peeking up through the ground with the prairie dogs, and climbing on all the statues. Next time!

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