Monday, July 13, 2009

Times of Old

Well, it's been 6 years since we packed up the old childhood "Playmobil room" in Ontario. For some reason, we didn't take it down in the best way...everything is all jumbled together in seemingly random order. I think we had a plan when we did it, but it makes no sense now. So while the girls are here, one of our projects is to get it all out, and separate it into bins according to "Victorian", "Farm" etc. So it's easier to find certain things or types of things. It took quite a bit of memory to remember how some of these went together, let me tell you!!

Ok, what was that white dog's name? Here's Earecka and Milo the cat. I think I will never forget this set, it was the first Victorian one we bought I think.

The back side of a horse barn

London England, 1883, that is what "year it was"

Just a little trip down memory lane. The only thing that appears to be missing, is the roof of Gary & Charlane's house (which will only mean something to two people, Jared & Lauryn, lol)...stilll on the lookout for it. Otherwise it's all there, and there is a TON of it!!

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