Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Pets

Yesterday as I was cleaning up the kitchen, in come the kids, dragging pillows and blankets. "What are you guys doing?" and I was met with "Ruff Ruff" from them (with the occasional "meow" from Brooks, he's a confused puppy). They are really starting to get into the world of imaginary play. Kenna was dedicated to her doggie role and didn't say any actual words for maybe 20 min or more. Yay for me! Although, after a point I do wonder if barking, panting and pointing at things are really that much better than talking:-)

She organizes the games, and they love to play Bolt & Penny...I sometimes get to be the eye-eyed man (green-eyed man). And they love to play Dad & Mom. Usually Kenna hangs herself upside down from the back of the couch. Then she calls "Help! Help! Rescue me. Daddy, rescue me! Rescue me before I fall. Daaaaaadddddddeeeee" A few times when Brian has been home he's come running and I have to stop him...she's not talking to you, she's talking to Brooks. The only problem with Brooks is his memory and attention span for the game at hand are much shorter than hers. Her dedication is unwaivering though, and she will call him to rescue her for the better part of 15 minutes (or until I have had enough of the rescue cries and tell her it's game over. Brooksie doesn't understand how to rescue you, or he doesn't want to, either way. Shhh). Most of the time he doesn't get the "Dad" thing though, you have to say Brooksie Dad, then he will come, but she doesn't like to do that.

My pet puppies, sleeping on the kitchen floor

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