Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bathroom Floor

Brian is finishing the bathroom floor this weekend. All the other floors were done this past summer, but we hit a little crisis with the bathroom floor and left it linoleum until now. We discovered there is in fact real wood under 4 layers of other flooring (we thought there wasn't), and Brian tore it all up and is now finished sanding and filling...we are actually going to paint it with a floor/outdoor paint. For a variety of reasons, one being the poly dry time for repeated coats is longer than we are able to go without a bathroom (for staining). Anyway, one day this bathroom will be getting a huge re-vamp, including tile floor, so this will work for now, look good, and last a few years until we are ready for the remodel. So by tonight, ALL our floors will be gorgeous! Except in the garage. But that doesn't count!

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