Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

As I was trying to snap a picture of our Christmas tree, a little angel came 'flying' in!

Christmas 2008, we put it up and got it mostly decorated on Sunday. We still have a little more to go, and I have to hang the's getting there! Kenna is very excited about "decoration Chris-mos". She tells everyone we have "decoration Chris-mos at our house". Her favourite ornament is one of my grandparents, a little picture in a frame...she insisted on putting it inside a little stocking ornament to keep it safe. But then she wanted it out so she could look at it.

Our nativity set. I just love it, it's so cute. I just need the cresh and angel to finish the set. Kenna and Brooks love looking at it and talking about it too. It's very her little mind, Jesus is a man who died on the cross...and Moses is a baby in a basket...and Mary is our friend from church. So she always says "can we look at baby Moses?" It's Jesus. "oh, and Mary? Mary is my best frien' she is so so so nice". I am trying to explain that Jesus was a baby first, then he grew up and died on the cross. And Mary is another Mary...and is pretty confusing I guess if you're 2. I think it's slowly sinking in!

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