Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes Mom

Brooks is learning at such a rapid rate. His language is improving so much every day. He has a funny hang-up right now with Yes Mom. He has learned he has to say Yes Mom to me when given an instruction or whatever, but instead of linking the word Yes with my name, he thinks Yes Mom is the polite thing to say for any occasion. So everything is Yes Mom. When Brian asks him to come etc, he says "Yeh Mom" It's Dad Brooks can you say Yes Daddy? "Yeh Mommy", ok, can you say Daddy? "Yeh Mom, Daddy". It's hilarious. You can see his little mind spinning. If you insist on him saying Yes Daddy he gets very frusterated and says "No! No! Yeh MOMMY " Like we are the ones trying to mess it all up. It's cute, I'm sure he'll figure it out soon.

Eating a cookie for snack, always has a nice smile for Mom!

This is what Kenna calls a 'nice smile'. Hanging out with Auntie Meghan who is in town for Thanksgiving.

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