Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Lovely Evening

A study in human nature. Or human shopping behaviours. Linens N Things used to be a really nice store, as in, the shoppers shopped, paid, and left. There was very little mess or trouble. Put up a 50% off sign and watch those same people get into a frenzy, go crazy and destroy the place. On Saturday the store looked great. All the rooms were put back together and pretty. Oh the difference one day can make. I was horrified to find out I was in the Windows Dept last night. Yikes! Words alone are not sufficient, I just had to snap a few pics with my phone. Just look at what I am dealing with...

This is the pile of window panels, valances and scarfs I picked up off THE FLOOR! With no packaging to match. I spend the better part of the night folding, shrinkwrapping, trying to figure out what on earth this stuff is. Truly unbelieveable. In case the picture is somehow deceiving, let me assure you, this is A LOT of curtains!!

The toss pillows and slipcover room. A huge room, this is just one aisle. Lord Jesus come quickly!
Rugs. Whatever the Tazmanian Devil was looking for, I hope he found it.
Lets say I am earning my money! I wonder why I have no desire to fold laundry today:-)


  1. Oh my goodness!! I don't know how you deal with it. That looks like a swarm of tazmanian devils spun through there!!

  2. Yikes! That looks overwhelming.....especially the third isle!!! Suddenly, my bedroom doesn't look so messy;-) Did you take any "after" pictures? A sale sign can do crazy things to shoppers...

  3. Holy cow, can you believe that? You'd never see that in Canada. Really, you wouldn't. ;)