Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Lesson from Eli

I read this a week or so ago in my Bible reading plan. And it stuck out to me. Then a bible teacher from our church mentioned the exact same thing I had been pondering that same week...When God comes to Samuel with that still small voice...we all know that part of the story.

But it doesn't end there, and we usually don't talk about what happens next as much. The news given to Samuel by God isn't all that great for Eli. And Eli, already having been told himself by God what would happen to him some time prior has an interesting reaction. It struck me in the moment when I read it...Eli is saying, if God is speaking, I need to hear it. Even if it's about his judgement - if he's saying it, I want to hear it. And then the thought that the bible teacher fully fleshed out for me - Eli knew that God was just, and merciful. That his ways were best. Even sitting under the judgment of the Lord is better than to be without him. 

I guess I've usually heard "negative" teaching regarding Eli and his character. And maybe some or all of those points could be true. But at the end of the day, he knew that God would judge him rightly - and he was glad for that. When I read his response, it made me admire Eli's reaction,  because  it made me consider my own. I want to be someone who can acknowledge that if God is speaking, I need to hear it. Even if it's an uncomfortable call to obedience, or repentance... but am I that person? Certainly not always. But I want to fall on the mercy of God again and again, knowing that he will do what seems good to him - which whether I like it or not, will always be the best thing.

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