Saturday, March 20, 2021

Lehman & Cara's Wedding

 Well - we had to miss the wedding. Super sad faces. Covid rules currently don't allow for any travel for personal reasons, there may be a few exceptions but our purposes didn't seem to fit the bill. Not to mention the need for a quarantine upon arrival, not being able to see many people at any given time, and the wedding guest list could only be 40 people - so that was basically essential "personnel" only - no kids or extra people - even of the local family, not all the spouses etc attended. There were just too many people and not enough space😓. We've actually never met Cara! Boo. In May 2019 Lehman came down to vacation with us (and other Kennedy family members - the last time we've seen any family thanks to lockdowns) in the OuterBanks. In May 2020, while we were back down in the OBX we "met" Cara for the first time over facetime. And in March 2021, they were married! *Fun fact, Lehman got married the day after his birthday...and so did Brent!*

We lived streamed the event. Because of the Covid rules, they had to wear masks, which isn't how they really wanted it to go - but outside masks aren't required - but Canada, so it's freezing! They did a very private ceremony outside, mask free, with basically just parents, and her Dad gave her away at that point. Then they did it again inside, with the masks and distancing and all that stuff. So stupid though, because official rules state they are allow to kiss! And that the Pastor doesn't have to be masked 😂 Don't even get me started on what little sense any of that makes.

Anyway, a small video clip of us, watching the ceremony over the web-cast. It looked so lovely, and we were bummed beyond words that we couldn't be there to celebrate with everyone. The last Kennedy wedding, and the final (and 7th) Mrs. Kennedy is added to the clan!

Click here for YouTube video of my wedding clips!

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