Sunday, March 21, 2021

Grey's 11th BDay

This year Grey's birthday also felt like a never ending celebration - we planned to have family over but G&G were leaving town on Friday - his bday being Sunday - so we had the party (cake) on Thursday with everyone. And then his bday "Cereal" etc on Sunday. He actually requested the sausage egg bake I normally only make on Christmas morning...but his bday was a Sunday, and church starts at 9am! I didn't want to be up at 6am cooking, so we compromised - a quick Toaster Strudel (a first! we've had Pop Tarts before, but never these!) before church, and then the egg casserole for a little brunch, after church. He spent most of the afternoon working with Brooks & Brian siding the house. Welcome to the real world, Bud. Work waits for no birthday😂 But he did have time to play a little of his Switch, so all was not lost.

He's loving the Switch they got at Christmas, and requested a Switch cake. He had a marble cake with coffee buttercream. His screen name in Fortnite is The_GREY_Storm, so I put that on the cake. I haven't used fondant in awhile, so it was fun to make this one.
Pretty accurate if I do say so myself. He loved it. He thought it was a dead ringer😊

Height comparison for next year...a pic with Dad.
He got a Lego Architecture set from Auntie Meg - all about NYC! He assembled it in no time, and loves to look up and spout off random facts about each building 😂 


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