Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tortoise Remodel Update

As we plod along - lets just mention - the weather has been pretty horrid. So so rainy. Which means MUD. Everywhere. But we have made progress on our little family room conversion. I really need to see if I can find some good "befores" of when it was just a porch...
More trusses, brought home. Had to wait for it to stop raining to get round 2 home, and that took quite a few days.

Sneak peak - more about it later, but - there's going to be an area of the floor that will be stenciled, and I am pretty confident this will be the pattern.

Flooring - and ceiling. The barrel ceiling will be the lighter wood, and the floor will be the darker. The livingroom is the "holding place" for things like the area rug we bought for the new room (Vale plays "Humpty Dumpty" walking across it rolled up and "falls" off to the floor), and boxes of hardwood flooring etc.

Concrete pad poured for the new HVAC unit, which is now sitting out there, but not quite connected yet. Our yard it is a literal mud pit at this point.

Rounded trusses up, old straight ones cut out - wiring for lights is run, and insulation is up. It's gonna be so amazing - I'm trying to be so patient, but I can't wait! I'm looking at furniture online and trying to see what will work well in this space. 

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