Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Luc Yoder

Well, the loss of Luc was a massive shock, I am posting this "in August", because that's when he died, but really, I wasn't blogging at the time, and so technically it's now Feb 2021. I will copy and paste the facebook posts that Brian and I made about his death, instead of trying to recreate it. Here are just a few pictures I pulled from my phone/facebook. I'll have to make another post about all the ways God has been working since August. But for now, here are our posts, in order.
A ski trip in NY in 2000

August 31, 2020 - by Darla

It's been a hard week for our family, and I haven't had time or emotional energy to throw into saying anything about it personally online yet. It just seems so important to say it well, because Luc was a wonderful friend, and we loved him very much, and I'm still processing through everything, so maybe I'll write a little story about him later.
But I did want to say a very big thank you to our friends at Colonial Baptist. Letting his family and friends use the outdoor space to accommodate a gathering during these strange social distancing times was an enormous blessing to so many shattered hearts right now. You were the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those you don't even know in their time of need. From setting up (and tearing down) tents, chairs, tables, sound equipment - it really was a beautiful picture to me of the body of Christ, and under the circumstances even Heaven - all of the children of God, doing things together, and for each other. We are beyond grateful for the love you've shown to the Yoder family - I can't even tell you how many people asked me to extend gratitude for all you've done - and this somehow also seems inadequate, as far as words go, but thank you ❤ I hate to tag people because I'm sure I'll neglect someone, and probably many more were a part that I didn't even know about - James & Laura, Ben A, Chae K, John F, Ian L, Edward E.

September 2, 2020 - by Darla

It must have been sometime in 1999 - an email from our boss saying someone new was joining the department, Lucanus Yoder. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how that might be pronounced - and it’s Lou-cahn-iss for those curious. And then spent quite a bit of time getting to work with him and know him better. He was smart, thoughtful, and always a work hard play hard kind of guy. We ended our “careers” with IBLP on the exact same day. He sent me my very first gif, heck, maybe he even invented them, because this was back in about the year 2000, and there was no such thing - he sent me a coffee, long distance - a cute little clip art image of a coffee cup in my email, to thank me for work I did for him.

He had a way of making people feel appreciated and seen, even for small little things. He had a genuine gratefulness for the seemingly insignificant things - I’ll always remember the last time he was over at our place saying “this is a great chair”, and if you knew him, you can hear him saying it now. I just don’t think I know any other person that would notice or be excited about something as normal as the chair they were sitting on, but that was always how Luc was. He hated my music choices. He consistently called my husband Barney, in part, I think, because he knew it bothered me. Because of him, we moved to Virginia Beach, and that was pretty huge. Every time I was around him I never lacked food, water, coffee, or basically any beverage I could imagine. He was constantly making sure everyone had everything they needed to be comfortable. These are sweet little memories that I know will always come to mind when I think of him.

As with most of America right now, I’ve been listening to Hamilton on repeat all summer, and the lyric “Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints and it takes and it takes and it takes and it takes…” keeps running through my mind. So much is missing right now. So much was taken. He did so much, for so many, and the hole is gaping wide open right now for Cassy, Payton, Brinley and his parents and siblings and nieces and nephews. The type of person you are can’t keep death from coming in this broken world. But the type of person you are matters to those left to mourn your loss.

Because of his faithfulness, his kindness, his work ethic, his generosity (and the list goes on and on…) we are left here, touched by him and the mark he made on us. We are left aspiring to be like Luc in so many ways - to emulate his character in all the ways he lived that point us to loving God and loving others well. He made it look effortless. We wait, right now, rather impatiently, for the day when sin and death will have no more hold and will not be able to take from us anymore. When we are surrounded by the Glory of our Good Father who will give, and give, and give, and give without end. We are grateful to have known such a man, and we are glad to rest in the assurance we have of a heavenly reunion, when our own time in these shadowlands comes to its close. “So fill to me the parting glass, And drink a health whate'er befalls. Then gently rise and softly call "Good night and joy be to you all". Sláinte, my friend.

Luc & Cassy came up to Canada 3 weeks after their own wedding, so Luc could be a groomsmen in ours

Luc & Cassy's wedding - Brian was a groomsmen. The guy in the back was Matt - he was killed in car accident in 2004.

This was Luc's most recently posted profile picture on facebook.

September 2, 2020 - by Brian

There are people that one has the privilege of crossing paths with, who will impact your life beyond what you realize. Unfortunately, it’s times of loss, like this one, that causes pause and reflection and elicits gratefulness that should be expressed. However, that expression never meets the ear of the one for whom it is intended and addressed.
This past weekend I buried a great friend. Ours was a friendship that could pick up where it left off; time and distance were not a factor. He was a kind soul. The type of person that was genuinely interested in the individual with whom he was conversing. The station of others didn’t matter. He had a knack for knowing enough about a topic to convey his interest. Quick with a smile, an encouraging word, or joke.
I am not a big fan of what social media has become. It seems it drives more people apart than together. One thing is sure; it also appears to be a place where people express that they care. Silence on social media seems to be equated with a lack of care, regardless of whether that perception is accurate.
I am not good at processing these sorts of things, or that great at expressing them, but this isn’t about me. Luc Yoder was my great friend. We shared many great moments, most of which will stay in my memory and fade with time - time I thought I had to build more memories with him. Life is shorter than we think; time more valuable than we understand, and friendship is a treasure that cannot be truly quantified. It’s relationships that ultimately matter in life. The past week has been a wake-up call for me to cherish the people that God has placed in my sphere. Please pray for his beautiful family, as well as the friends he has gone before.
I am glad that I had this friend for a lifetime. I hope our mansions are close in proximity. Until the next moment we share, Luc. Sláinte!

Cassy posted this facebook update in the morning, after Luc had died 😢


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