Friday, September 4, 2020

Rental House Bathroom Remodel

Our tenants of 2 years had a Great Dane. In May, they called us and sadly explained that while giving the dog a bath, he put his leg through the built in soap holder, and broke it completely. It wasn't fixable, so we decided we'd tear out the bathroom for a remodel when they left (Aug). It was already on our minds, after a plumbing leak, and the on/off handles in that bathroom are SO OLD that they literally are not made anymore, and even the specialty place couldn't get us the needed repair parts, but eventually found us something that was do-able, for SIXTY DOLLARS! Mind you, this was basically for like, a metal washer. So we already had a mind to change it up - which would require gutting the whole thing. In August, they moved (military move), on the 20th! Perfect timing, as we advertised it for rent for the 1st. That gave us 10 days. What we never could have anticipated was the sudden death of our friend Luc, and spending time with the family, funeral arrangements etc - made for a rush job and some VERY late (arrive 10pm, work until 1am kind of thing) workbee's to get it done. 

It was all hands on deck - Brooks learned how use a wet saw. Kenna got good at painting. We all pitched in and got it done in the knick of time, instead of the desired "in advance", but hey. It is what it is. We got it done!

Here is the final product! Tile floor, new subfloor, new vanity - we kept the cast iron tub, the toilet (previously replaced so pretty new), and the built in mirror/medicine cabinet. But it really looks different with it's ground up remodel! 

The tile is dark, but classic - looks better/lighter in person. It was left over from a job at Brian's work, so it was free - ain't complaining about that! 

 The old bathroom!

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