Monday, September 15, 2014

New School Year

Last week we started school officially. Kenna is in 3rd grade this year, Brooks should be entering 2nd, but is actually *almost* completed 2nd grade, so he is in a hybrid of 2nd & 3rd. Sonny & Grey are officially doing Kindergarten this year, and May is half tagging along with Kindergarten stuff, but mostly just playing and colouring:-) She will be 3 years old in a month.

School is definitely upping in intensity and time-demands, I think. 3rd grade involves a lot more book work, and more subjects too. The older two have started cursive, and are doing other extras too like typing/computer and map skills. Adding chores, piano, and well - I'm feeling like we have little time for anything else.

This season, Kenna is cheering, Brooks is playing flag football and Grey is playing soccer. This means we have 3 practices on 3 different nights - so Monday we have piano then football, Wednesday we have cheer and then Awanas, and Thursday we have soccer. The nights with doubled up "events" see us packing picnic style dinners and eating in the car, because a) I couldn't afford to do drive through so many times and b) there is literally not even enough time for a drive-thru between events!

Co-op has changed a bit this year, timing wise, and we have to pack lunches for each child, as they eat  in/with their classes this year. This is wonderful news for the kids ("this is soooo awesome"), and not so wonderful for the homeschooling mommy, who at this point has pretty much decided that the reason they don't go to school is just to avoid packing lunches.

Our co-op is run by the Moms - everyone signs up to teach the various classes throughout the year. I, like last year, am working each week with the pre-K class - I figured since 3 of my kids are in that class, I could help out there. Sonny, Grey & May are the pre-K comrades, and there are about 13 children in that age grouping this year. Brooks and Kenna are split up this year, Kenna going with the 3-5th grades, and Brooks still with K-2nd.
First day of co-op, ready to go!

First day of co-op selfie. I managed to pack 6 individual lunches, compile all needed school supplies, books & backpacks, feed everyone breakfast AND shower and do my about an hour:-) Whew! I was sufficiently worn out before we even arrived:-)
A new signature!
The kids are definitely noticing their lack of free-time and I definitely hear the "awwwww!!" when I tell them they have to read a school book during naps/rest time, instead of their beloved Calvin & Hobbes. I'm definitely noticing my lack of free time too! Between keeping up with school and all these activities, I'm finding my days very full. Which is fine, really. The only thing that is suffering so far is my ability to watch tv. Somehow I'll live, right? :-)

As a side note, we did our required state testing in July, and both kids performed beyond what I expected - which is a good thing. Kenna really improved in her reading and comprehension scores from the previous year, and they both scored this year at "highest level" overall, which surprised me a little, but makes me glad to know that we're not as far off track as I sometimes feel we are:-)

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