Thursday, June 12, 2014

Updates, and Cookies

Well, we've been pretty busy lately, but I guess that fairly normal, right? School is almost out, meaning I only have Sonny & May until Monday (last day!) - then our 8ish week summer break before we start all over again.

Brian's work is busy, but good. Lots of home improvement and yard projects too. I guess I've been slack in taking pictures recently. That's probably because I have cookies on the brain!

If you haven't noticed the Rangers are in the Stanley Cup! That has given Brian quite a few chances to yell at the tv:-)

So, about the cookies... my little cookie business is doing pretty well. At least, I definitely have enough work to keep me busy, so that's nice! It's been a learning curve, but it's pretty fun. I feel like I learn something monumental every time I decorate.

We celebrate 11 years on Saturday, and are preparing for a little visit from Grandma & Grandpa B. They are coming down to help Dale & Lauren build a deck, so we'll look forward to some fun with them. It will be their first time to see our new house.

What else is new? On Monday there was a Blue Jay (the kids *insist* it was a Grey Jay) trapped in our screened in porch. On Tuesday, I ran over a snake. A huge black big snake in the road. On Wednesday, there was a huge possum wandering around our yard, in the middle of the day. It wasn't in any hurry, and wasn't really scared of us poking at it (it wasn't running away). So maybe it had hydrophobe - anybody just picture Old Yeller? haha!!! Today it was raining, so we stayed inside and away from our own personal wildlife drama. There are little baby ducks that live essentially in our yard/in and around the little lake, and they are so cute to watch following their Mama everywhere she waddles. The kids get a real kick out of them.

I'm getting ready to have the kids tested (standardized testing). I'm really proud of them! They've done well this year, and have really taken off in their reading and writing. Of course they are as creative, and hilarious as ever. 
Lots and lots of cookies for a wedding

Fathers Day coming up, I have about 40 cookies to do/finish for that.

Practicing a new design on cookies that were messed up. I need the practice! The idea works in theory though, so now I just need to do it for real.
That's our update! I'll post something fun for our anniversary on Sat, so stay tuned:-)

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