Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swish Shh-lay - Video

I had my mom mail me a little treasure. Swiss Chalet sauce (the make at home packets). Or Swish Shh-lay, as my kids say. To make the meal authentic, I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store, and we baked frozen french fries, had a bun like they serve at the restaurant - and la piece de resistance, a Shirley Temple! Other than the chicken, I had everything in my cupboards, so it was a quick and easy dinner, actually. And that sauce...I loved every bite and resisted the urge to drink the leftovers. Such self restraint just may have put me in a very un-Canadian category.
This is exactly the drink I fell in love with as a child. Orange just like so, cherry, and a sword! If you don't have a stash of teeny plastic swords in your cupboard...your cool mom status is seriously in jeopardy. Seriously. Go get some, and make the funnest drink *ever* for your kids:-) After you enjoy the beverage, you enjoy teeny tiny plastic sword fighting at the table:-D

Kenna hates any and all dips, sauces and flavour. Even salt and pepper are too much for her...
Me: If you are Canadian, you love this stuff!
Kenna: And if you're American, you don't!
My attempts to convince her it was good were for naught. She said she would like it, if it wasn't so spicy (it's not spicy:-)
The best dipping sauce for fries!
I enjoyed a little taste of home. mmmmMMMMMmmmm!

This was not her first bite, it was her third. haha! Brooks was my only buddy in this case:-)

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  1. Boo. We've got 1 who likes it, 1 who doesn't, and 1 who is on the fence. They say it's spicy too! I think that's the nutmeg talking....thanks, now I want to go out to swiss chalet :D