Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wish List - Video

My brother Jared called today to see what Brooks might be interested in for Christmas, since cousin Vienna has his name in the cousins gift exchange.

Well, we very rarely ever ask the kids what they want for any given occasion. We do low-key birthdays and Christmas time we like to emphasize giving, and Jesus' birth and not think about what we might be receiving for a present. Today after talking with Jay, I thought I would video his requests to share with Vienna. And it was so cute, I figured I should share it with everyone.

*Vienna - you are forbidden to grant his most desired wish of his own telephone with angry birds on it*
Angry Birds has been his obsession since June when I was in Canada, and they were being babysat while Brian worked. At the time, neither Brian or I could get angry birds on our phones, but that did not deter him from asking to play it, at least once a week. Since Sunday, with our new phones, we can now oblige him in the occasional game.

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