Monday, November 14, 2011

Verizon vs nTelos

We made the switch from Verizon to nTelos this past weekend, which will mean a monthly savings of $60 for us on our cell phone bill. For any local/US people interested in saving some money, here is how it breaks down

Brian has nTelos for his work phone, so we know the coverage is good in our area

VERIZON, we paid around $165/$170 per month (incl. taxes, and usually there was an overage charge of a small amount in there too...going over the txt limit or something)
This was for 2 lines (1400 shared min/mth, unlimited Verizon to Verizon), 79.99 + 9.99 (we were forced to go with this, as the next plan down is only 700 min, and not sufficient for us.)
1 unlimited data package, 29.99 (this was required if you own a smartphone)
1 web package (75MB/mth), 9.99 (required with a web-ready phone)
2 texting plans (unlimited Vrz to Vrz + 500 out of network txts) 20.00

nTELOS, we pay $110 per month (incl. taxes)
Bonus - nTelos pays our cancellation charges from Verizon (which total $255), for breaking our contract with them. We have been with Verizon for 8 years.
For $99.98/mth we get...
2 smartphones, unlimited talk to any network
2 data packages with unlimited usage (no overage charges)
2 unlimited texting plans to any network

This is a savings of about $55-$60 per month, and for much MORE service.

The only "downside" is we had to get new phones, our ones from Verizon were Verizon specific devices so they couldn't be used on another network (Brian had a MotoBlur he was given, since his Droid was stolen/lost awhile back, and I had an LG EnV). So with our 2 year plan with nTelos, I got my new Samsung Gem (android phone) for free, and Brian got the Droid X for $149.99.

We ordered the Otterbox (protection case) for Brian phone from ebay for 14.99, and got a silicone case for mine too, for 4.95, and 2 screen protectors for Brian for 2.99 (all with free shipping). I was able to cut down a leftover screen protector from Brian's old Droid and it fits mine perfectly. So these additional phone accessory expenses total 22.93.

So with a savings of approx $60 per month, but then spending 172.92 on a phone & accessories, in about 2 almost 3 months, will have "made back" the expenses of the phones, and truly be saving that $60 per month on our cell phone bill!

Definitely worth the switch! Of course we kept our numbers, so you still know how to reach us! I have never had a smartphone before, so I am learning lots...and playing angry birds:-)

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