Monday, April 5, 2010

Weight Check

Grey had his 2 week weight check up today. He is 10 lbs even, and 21.5 ins long. He's a big boy! His cold seems to be getting better, and the Dr said he has no respiratory distress, so we'll keep watching him...but we're praying he just fights it off and does well without having to take him to the Dr's or hospital for it. He has a cough and a runny nose, so we just have to watch that it doesn't turn into something more serious for such a little baby.

I took this picture this morning, and you can't really tell here (as he's looking like Brooks in this pic), but he is really starting to change his appearance and is looking quite a bit like Brian. It is especially noticeable when his eyes are open...he has a different shaped eye than Brooks, and his face is starting to change shape a little bit (not quite such big cheeks), and his nose is starting to get pointy-er, like Brian's...we'll have to see who he ends up looking like! My suspicion is that all of the kids will wind up looking like Brian/Brian's family...this is based on the fact that Brian is 100% Irish (which is rare these days!), so the kids get most of their gene pool from that, since I am a mix of a few different things (mostly German), but I contribute some Scotty & Irish I think in the end they will look Irish, since they are mostly Irish...but we'll see. I'm still holding out hopes for Brooks, so far he's the closest to looking like me (& some of my brothers).

My big boy!

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