Monday, August 17, 2009

North Carolina Fun

We spent the weekend in NC visiting some good friends. They live near this awesome park, with little rides for the kids, a carousel, boat rides, and a train. I didn't get any pics of the train, as we were all riding on it. It took us around the park, and went under a little tunnel and everything. It was very cool. We had a great weekend and the kids all had a blast together! Now I just need a little sleep to recover:-)

Swinging high!

Boat rides. Brooks loved this! Our little friend Bobby is "driving" them in front.

A happier Brooks, safe with Daddy on the Merry Go 'Round

The first attempt on the Carousel, Brooks was very nervous. His little body was shaking. He really doesn't like trying new things like that, he's very timid at first.

Kenna watched it go around and claimed the kitty cat right off the bat. She loved it, and wasn't scared at all, which is what we'd expect from her.

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