Monday, August 24, 2009

Ben's Wedding

We were in NY this past weekend for our dear friend Ben's wedding. Brian and Ben have been friends since grade 4! Ben was a groomsman in our wedding, and Brian was a groomsman in his. It was supposed to be an outside ceremony, but due to weather (crazy rain!) it had to be inside. They had the wedding at a place called the Crooked Lake House, which is very neat and very old. It was a popular hangout back in the day, and was Teddy Roosevelt's favourite place to come when he was Govenor of New York. That reminds me of Newsies (love that movie!). Anyway, the place was starting to need some tlc, apparently business has been slow the past few years due to the economic times, but wow, what potential in the place. It was very castle-like, I loved it! The room where they got married was a newer addition, so no stone walls or anything:-(

Ben & Nicole!

I was sitting beside Ben's great-aunt, she's about 75 or something, and she asked me who I was. I said I was one of the groomsman's wife. She said "Which one? The handsome one?" pointing at Brian. I thought that was cute and funny.

Recessional, walking with Gabe, Ben's sister.

Ben & Nick, cake cutting

Maybe a little hard to see. It was the first dance and the entire wedding party joined them on the dance floor and did goofy dances.

Program on each seat, after the ceremony we were each to say a prayer for them and place the rock in a big vase at the front, they will keep the vase/rocks in their home. Nice idea.

Awesome table assignments. Ben is a worldclass mountain climber, and has been everywhere, literally, climbing. The take home gift was a small jar of homemade jam, with a tag on the top with your name and the name of a mountain he has summited.
We were at the Vinson Massif table, a 16-some-odd-thousand ft high mountain in Antarctica.

On each table was a pic of him at the summit, and an explanation about the mountain and his experience there. Ben is one of only about 600 people to ever summit Vinson Massif (which is impressive in rock climbing world)
We had lots of fun at the wedding, and are happy for our friend!

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