Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lunch time, My Pay-Part

Eating mac & cheese for lunch, I had out the video camera capturing their cute little conversation, and I snapped a few stills too. We have a cute little tradition that Kenna started back in the fall I think. Everytime we eat she loves to ask "What's your favourite part Mom/Dad/Brooks?" And we each pick out our fave part of the meal. This is Brooks' fave conversation starter now "What's your pay-part? da cheese?" Even when there is no cheese involved in the meal he likes to assume your favourite part will be the cheese. When we all say our favourite part (the chicken, the noodles, the sauce, the carrots...we disect it:-) I ask him, and he loves to copy the person who went before him. When he says "da cay-rits" and his plate is full of carrots, I say, Really? Didn't you like the cheese best? "Yes Mom" I tend to say this even when there is no cheese, just because. It's so fun to have fun with them. Lol.

He needs another haircut already.

How old are you going to be? Three fingers! Kenna, why don't you open your eyes and don't be silly.

As I paused to look at the picture I just took, she says Mom, look, my eyes are open. She is definitely crazy!

Sweet boy, he's full of nice smiles. His vocabulary is getting so big now! He loves to be given a choice of "do you like it, or love it?" He likes to say yuh-ove it. Then I say, "do you love it, or not?" He always say NOT!! With such conviction:-) Every little thing he does now, he likes to declare, I WINNED!! Winning is very important to him, along with being a bee-boy (big boy). He knows he will be two fingers old, but Kenna's big 3 milestone is overshadowing for the moment.

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