Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Peacekeeper...?

Two days ago, while still at our friends place I was trying to get lunch on the table, after running errands and Brooks was quite beside himself. He cannot seem to wait more than 1 minute for food or for a nap before going berserk. I had Kenna at the table, and Brooks was in the livingroom whining/screaming/complaining, refusing to come when called to the table. I called him for the second time, and was met with his "wahhhh".

Kenna shouts/screams out from her seat "Brook-LYN, stop freakin' out!! Brook-LYN come to MOMMY!!"

I just laughed (to myself), as I have never heard her call him Brooklyn before...I didn't really even realize she knew that was his real name (he's usually Brookson or Brooksie Carson James to her). That and the "freaking out" bit, I just thought it was so funny. Lunch was eaten and we were down for naps in record time!

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