Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Night Under The Stars

On Saturday night we had the annual "Night Under the Stars" a tradition the former youth pastor started, as an alternative to prom. We had a really fun evening. First we went to Chibas (Japanese Hibachi Grill and Steakhouse), and then back to the 'wedding reception' set up in the Rieke's backyard. We were doing a murder mystery, and it took place at a wedding (Josh & Sarah as bride & groom) and the bride is murdered. We all had characters and different objectives to accomplish throughout the night to try and catch the culprit! It was really fun, and everyone had a great time. And then, after all was over, some of the kids and some of the leaders (guys) went midnight bowling. I was way too tired for that!

All the girls

The boys, done with posing

Josh & Melody, friends and youth leaders

Josh & Sarah, friends and youth leaders

Sam & Heather, friends and youth leaders

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