Friday, November 23, 2007

My Resolution

Ok, it's a little early for new years resolutions, but here I am making one anyway. As I was cleaning today I was frustrated with my 'catch all' organ. It's right by the door and just seems to collect things that don't have a place to go. I was thinking of all the people I wouldn't want to see it this way, and I had a thought for my own accountability...we'll call it embarrassment therapy, since some of those people do, or might possibly view this blog from time to time. I'll post a picture of it every few days, and hopefully that will motivate me to keep on top of it and keep it in 'ideal' condition. Once I'm cured in this area, perhaps my laundry folding pile will the next to get some "therapy"!
BEFORE - The organ about 30 minutes ago

AFTER - This is the condition I would like to keep it in! (ok, I need to dust it:-)

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