Friday, August 17, 2007

Play Station

Brooks is getting so big! I really can't believe how the time is flying. Here he is playing with his new play station. Amazingly Kenna loves it more now than she did when she was a baby. Now she "gets" all the toys, so she operates the sound and motion and Boo Boo watches her. I guess they have started to play together!


  1. How did Boo Boo become his new nickname? Is it that how Kenna says his name? Mom

  2. Yup! She generally says "hi Buddy" when he is happy or playing, and "oooh Boo Boo" in a very sad voice when he is crying or fussing! Sometimes when she tries really hard she can say Booksie (also what she calls books!), so anyway, we have kind of slipped into calling him Boo Boo and Buddy!