Monday, June 27, 2022

Hot Tub Prep

Deciding to reno the porch last year and put a big deck on...there was always a "background" thought about having room, making room, keeping room for a hot tub. But after all the work we put into the house last spring we were done for a minute or two, haha. Well, this year is the year! 

3 tons of crush and run - kids and I moved it in 48 hours! That's 6000lbs!!

We moved it filling the trailer on the mower and shoveling and dumping, load by load. That mower & trailer were life (and back)savers.
Only about 2 loads left!
About to start pouring! - we used 81 bags of 80lb concrete to make this slab!!!
Started around 6:30. By about 10:30 we were done.
This morning we took the wood frame off
Our yard in this area slopes two ways - down and back. So the pad on the back corner is barely over 4" thick (minimum for the hot tub), and the front edge is much, much thicker.

 We had this "beam" piece of wood left over from the deck last year. Well, it's now the front of our planter box flower garden!
Hiding the tall edge of the concrete and making it prettier, we decided to put in citronella, lemongrass and marigold (mosquito deterrents)...and a bit of basil, just because I had it inside ready to plant:-)

It's looking good and should be all ready for "phase 2"...the drop of the hot tub, and the leveling of the rest of the crush and run for pavers added on top!

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