Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dad Kennedy's 70th Birthday

We were planning to go on a secret trip Saskatchewan in April - we had flights booked, and an off-season camp paid for - a place that had room enough for every family to have their own room/space, while having large gathering spaces, and a big kitchen/dining room. At the time of his birthday this year, there are 49 of us - with 2 more due soon! (Amy in May and Jillaine in Sept). So we'll close out 2020 with FIFTY ONE people. That's so crazy to me! But not crazier than the COVID-19 hysteria that shut down the universe in March. Our tickets were credited, and all plans cancelled. Sadness.

We rallied and decided to do a little birthday video for Dad, since we couldn't be there in person, we made a video. Chantelle compiled all the footage...and there was too much for one video (it's almost an hour long!) so a second video/bloopers reel is in the works too I think.

Dad's Birthday Video on YouTube.

On his actual birthday we set up a Zoom call - and that was kinda weird, but fun. (The empty chair was Janessa, leaving to attend the current youngest member of the family, baby Jhett:-)

We're hoping to get up there for a visit before Vale turns 2, and we need to purchase another ticket, but we'll have to see what the world will allow first, I guess:-/

We love you DAD!

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