Saturday, October 21, 2017

Homemade Shampoo

I've been consistently trying to eliminate toxic chemicals from our home, but hair products can be tricky!! I've tried a few recipes, but none were just right. I really like this recipe, it works very well for me, and leaves me feeling clean without a waxy buildup or whatever. I use Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner too - I rotate through (homemade one time, baking soda & ACV the next time, Trader Joes the next time etc. I shower/wash my hair every other day, so use these recipes rotationally only about once per week.

1 cup of green tea steeped for 30 minutes (I used a Tazo regular green tea)
1 teaspoon honey mixed into tea while it is hot
1 teaspoon olive oil mixed in tea after it has cooled
1/2 cup liquid castille soap (we love Dr Bronner's peppermint) added to cooled mixture
Stir well and pour into container. Shake shampoo before each use.

3 tablespoons baking soda to 2 cups of water and then shake. I put in old shampoo bottle and shake before each use. Focus the baking soda mixture on the scalp, leave on for a minute, and rinse well.
Then apply Apple Cider Vinegar mixture (I put in plastic spray bottle), spray on hair, and concentrate it on the ends, not the scalp. Let sit for 5ish mins and then rinse with cool water right at the end of your shower. Easy and done!
Boil 1 1/2 cup water, and remove from heat. Add 1 or 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary and let that cool. Remove the rosemary and add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (strain to avoid getting the "mother" in your mixture)
You can use dried rosemary, in a thing for loose tea, or just strain afterwards, or use rosemary essential oil - Which is what I did, once the water was cooled. About 10 drops.
Shake before each use on all three of these.

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