Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baseball Baby Shower

Baby Knox was not quite here yet, and we decided to throw a surprise shower for his Mommy in early January. The pulling off of the surprise itself was actually really complicated, involving bringing people in from out of town, and "casually" hijacking facebook conversations...and it worked. There were so many moving, it was scary. But we pulled it off! So rare. So wonderful. She was completely surprised!

The planning team (a few friends) decided on a baseball theme (because Daddy was a college baseball player), and they love the Red Sox, and have a dog named Fenway, so it all seemed to fit. Instantly, the ideas started flowing. It was perfect!

We decided to have all "ball game foods" served, and that was really fun...and our menu kept growing and growing!
We got those little hard plastic baseball hats on amazon, and used them as bowls for ice cream sundaes. We also had black forest trifles (in a cup)

Drinking Root Beer, Coke, and cold coffee from glass bottles...and plenty of peanuts in the shell for the taking too! Amy's 11 year old daughter (house host) made that chalkboard sign for us! So perfect!

A diaper cake!

The "Concessions" table - see the banner?
We had: Red licorice, and Baby Ruth (fun size)
warm, soft pretzels and mustard
popcorn & flavour toppings for it
nacho cheese dip and chips
Oreo cookie pops (made into baseballs)
Mini hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll
Cracker Jacks
Cheese ball and crackers
Veggies and dip in cups

A mini oreo dipped in white chocolate, a topper for the trifles, and I made big ones too from normal oreos and put them on a stick for a "cake pop". YUM.
We had a baseball for all the guests to sign, and I gave her a wooden baseball bat with "Knox" inscribed on it for a shower gift.

It was way cuter than what is portrayed in my lame phone pics. It was truly off the charts adorable, and super duper fun to put together.

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