Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The process is working...

and working, and working...:-) They say Rome was not built in a day, and you better believe that would be true - especially if we were in charge. Mostly because Brian is busy and I am useless

Seriously though, it really IS coming along! I'll show a few pictures and describe - keep in mind, Brian is working a full time job (and his job is very full time - longer hours and weekend meetings etc), so he can really only work on our projects evenings and weekends when that allows. And then there's real life too - Brian's sister is moving to Belgium with her husband (for his education), and so we're just coming off a week of "family reunion/farewell" and such.

To see some of the work along the way, scroll through these Renovation posts!
To see the before video, of the way the house originally was, click here

Standing at the front door
 All the interior doors in the house will be painted black. For now, they are just primed. Trim will be white.
Looking at the front door

Looking into the livingroom area
 Now, I know I am pretty useless when it comes to construction. But I do try - at least a little - and only if I have gloves on. But I do try! Basically, my job is the moving and organization of all the things. Not as easy as it sounds. Especially because every.single.item in the entire house has to be washed at least 2 times, but generally 3 times is the magic number. And we covered EVERYTHING in plastic and/or dropcloths. Plaster dust is pervasive, and persistent, let me tell you.

And also, I don't have a kitchen sink yet...
Looking at the island and over to the dining area

The island - it will have granite. I wish I took a pic of our granite selection, but I forgot. Anyway, my fold up plastic table makes a nifty countertop in the interim

I didn't take a pic of the granite - but I think this is kinda similar (pic snagged from google) - we brought our paint chips and flooring with us, and picked something with black, grey and a bit of brown
Dining area

By the front door - flooring and "stuff" - it's still very much a construction site around here, but definitely more live-able! I am totally able to "corner" the messes and live around them pretty comfortably

The curtains! I can't wait to hang them!

We've got curtain rods!

We've got over the island lighting! (3 of these)
 The frigde is current "out" in the room, as the plumbing behind there needs to be moved over...
We have all the lowers needed for the kitchen wall. It will go: fridge, dishwasher, sink/sink base cabinet, cabinet, stove, cabinet. I've only pulled up one of the cabinets for use until it's all set up. We will buy stainless steel appliances "last minute" so we don't wreck them by using them - So for now, we'll keep using our cream coloured stuff
Our uppers - we've decided to go with a touch of the industrial - like the island light fixtures. This pic is from Pinterest, so ignore the range hood portion - but we will be hanging pipes from the ceiling for open shelving. Stay tuned!
The other mess - That's my washer, dryer and...stuff
 When we pulled out the flooring and baseboards to do the floor in the laundry room - well, something went wrong. Not exactly sure what - perhaps the baseboard had been nailed through into the drainpipe for the washer and when it was removed, it caused a leak? Still getting to the bottom of it, but the result is - we have a leak and we have to fix it. The laundry room is still it's original green, but will be primed and painted dark grey once we have the plumbing fixed.

We will be painting the fireplace. We thought we'd go dark, but now we're pretty sure we'll go white
Kind of like this look - from Pinterest
The hall is a darker grey than the main area. The laundry room will be this same colour

Where the two colours meet at the end of the hall
 The ceiling is finished smooth, and the walls are "knock down" - in case you aren't familiar with that look - this is what the texture is. I actually really like it! It was also our only option so all the different wall textures could be matched.
The ceiling. Brian install all the recessed lighting - I put up all the light trims. Go me!! We have 14 pot lights in the main room, and there will be 2 more put in in the hall. And then the 3 pendant lights over the island. We went from a pretty dimly light house to one that you can spot from Jupiter:-) And those LED bulbs - $17 each. Whhhhhhaaaa?! They give a great natural light, and they don't get hot. But they're $17 each!!

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