Friday, June 27, 2008


Backyard. Of course, not quite done, but getting there.

Kenna's house on the patio. She is like her mom, and complains constantly about the dirt getting in her shoes, so I put it on the brick so she has no excuse.

Impatients, Hosta and ?? that Eunice planted for us. They grow best in the sun, apparently, and this little spot happens to get sun through all the shade we have going on around here.

Porch and patio. Notice the spot on the roof of the porch where the squirrel was getting in....actually I think I forgot to post about that...about a month ago, after being tormented by a squirrel (or 2?) deciding to make a little nest in the roof of the porch, and running in there and annoying...Brian borrowed a pellet gun to control the problem (after poison, mothballs, and a live trap failed). He was able to "control" 3 squirrels, and within minutes 2 police patrol cars and animal control were here, with a call of an animal cruelty complaint! They 'investigated' the situation and said it was perfectly fine to kill them because it was for a reason and not just for fun, and they left. Since then, no squirrels to pester us!! And now a porch repair is needed before all the little squirrel friends decide to come over for a visit.

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